It’s Been A Long Time Coming!

Going on a journey can be exciting, scary, uncertain, and exhilarating all at the same time. The journey I’ve been on the past 5 years has been nothing short of that. Over the past 5 years, I’ve lost my job, had a beautiful baby girl, ended 2 toxic relationships, moved my daughter and me into our apartment, started therapy, healed a bit, started a new healthy relationship, started a new company, and built a brand that I am truly proud of. I used to ask God why I was going through all the things I’ve been through, but I am finally gaining a bit of understanding.

They say it takes 10 years to be an overnight success, and I’d like to believe that I am halfway there. I’d like to believe all the things that hurt me have given me the strength to press forward when I didn’t feel like I could. I’d also like to believe there is so much more in store for me and God is continuously preparing me for each new experience. I’d like to believe I carry my scars with grace and honor; honor because God saw me fit to stand and overcome my challenges. I remember feeling like I was never going to get rid of the dark cloud that seemed to follow me where ever I went.

I remember feeling like I was such a bad person for wanting to follow my path. I also remember not knowing where I was going as I journeyed. As time went on, I noticed things didn’t get easier, but I got stronger. My stance got taller, my voice got louder, and my patience for things that no longer served me got shorter. As the journey became more and more uncertain, I remember praying to ask God to show me the next step, just give me a sign, but he never did. He MADE me trust him.

The journey isn’t easy, and there are times I feel like I’m on a road going nowhere, but then I look back on how far I’ve come. I’ve overcome periods of depression and hopelessness and I can say I have made it to the other side. The journey has given me confidence, compassion, strength, determination, and most of all Faith. Faith in God, faith in myself, faith in my abilities, faith in my dreams, and faith in the plans I have not come to realize yet. The journey has taken away so many things and it is finally being replaced with things I could never fathom having in my life. It’s been a long time coming, but I can say it was time well spent!

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  • Krystal-Congratulations. They say God gives each of us a blue print plan of our life. But, we never actually get to see it.But do we experienced it I believe some of us is meant to receive success in life but we must travel down a very bumpy road to get it. Or maybe you have made bad decisions and you needed to be taught a lesson or two before he can reward you with the crown of success. Even though it can be really really hard and bring many tears but as you walk through this blueprint plan there will be a moment when you will turn around and it will all come makes sense. why your plan made you travel that way..I am not the most religious person in the world but I have lived a little and gained some wisdom. Some people get their success handed to them, and others have to crawl out of a hole to get theirs. But I know one thing the person who crawled out of a hole to get theirs But I know one thing for sure as rough as it was there’s no better feeling of success u feel now.

    Lenora Johnson

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