The Journey To KAPHILL

In a world that often seeks to control and mold us, KAPHILL emerges as a brand born from a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
The driving force behind KAPHILL extends far beyond personal triumph; it embraces the power of community. Recognizing the profound loneliness experienced in our founder's journey, KAPHILL aspires to create a safe haven for like-minded individuals—the trailblazers, the seekers, and the rebels. This community fosters an environment where one can find solace, knowing they are not alone in their quest for self-discovery. United by a shared vision, they are encouraged to unveil their true selves, liberated from societal expectations.

Within the KAPHILL community, pretenses fade away, and authenticity reigns supreme. No façades or illusions of perfection exist, for each member understands the beauty of embracing imperfections and growth. They support one another, rejoicing in the victories of fellow travelers, and inspiring each other to reach new heights.

At the heart of KAPHILL lies a commitment to quality and luxury, defying the limiting beliefs that were once cast upon its creator. This fashion brand transcends conventional standards, offering timeless statement pieces that embody confidence, grace, and enduring style. With KAPHILL, one can present their best self to the world, secure in the knowledge that their individuality will never fade.KAPHILL's journey is one of timelessness, community, and unyielding confidence—a testament to the power of owning one's voice and standing resolutely in who they are. It invites you to shed the shackles of conformity, embrace your unique identity, and embark on a path of self-discovery, knowing that you deserve a life filled with beauty, luxury, and unwavering self-assurance.

Welcome to KAPHILL, where timeless elegance meets unwavering confidence—a brand poised to inspire and empower you to live life unapologetically as your authentic self.

Meet Our Founder

Krystal Phillips, a Caribbean-American designer from the vibrant city of New York, boasts over 8 years of dedicated experience in crafting exquisite womenswear. Her fashion journey commenced with her graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2010, where she earned a degree in Production Management. Subsequently, she embarked on a dynamic career, contributing her expertise to renowned companies such as Macy's, Rent the Runway, and Century 21, where she excelled in product development and merchandising.

Drawing profound inspiration from her Jamaican heritage, Krystal's creative spirit has always been driven by a desire to design bold, empowering pieces that enable women to confidently occupy their space in the world. Beyond her design endeavors and the bustling world of KAPHILL, Krystal takes immense pride in her role as a devoted mother to her beloved daughter, Avery.

Krystal's entrepreneurial spirit shines brightly, as she, alongside her sister, founded the brand Marie Annette NYC in 2014, marking the initial steps of their remarkable journey. In 2019, she embarked on a new chapter, establishing KAPHILL, where she continues her solo entrepreneurial voyage, fueling her passion for creating fashion that empowers and inspires.