Me Against Me

Every morning I get up and force myself to work out before Avery wakes up. Some mornings are a struggle, particularly this morning. I know that working out makes me feel better, I know that it’s not only good for my mental health but imperative to my physical health. So the question is if I know all of this, why is it a struggle every day for me to get out of my way? How many times have you sat in the predicament knowing that you should do something, but you drag your feet? For me, it’s not only working out, it's anything that will contribute to my growth that seems to be the most daunting task.

This morning as I was working out I starting speaking to myself out loud. As the workout got more intense, I wanted to give up. I wasn’t intense to the point that I physically couldn’t do it, but mentally I was starting to shut down. As I was barely getting through the workout. I started chanting, “it’s me against me”. This simple phrase helped me through the workout and I must say it made me push myself harder. So that leads me to the question, what other instances in life do we throw in the towel thinking something is too hard to accomplish, but it's only you standing in the way.

There is no other competition in the world, besides yourself. Everything is about reaching your peak and every day striving to outdo that. I’m not saying this is easy, and we won’t struggle, but every single day is a day to at least try to get better than we were before. To face ourselves whether good, bad, or indifferent, and show up to the fight. The only person who can keep you small is you, the only person who can miss an opportunity, the only person that can get in your way, and the only person that can keep you from your greatness.

As I get older I realize life is what you make it. No one can come in and change your life if you aren’t actively pursuing something better. We all can live the life we want. We just have to have those tough conversations with ourselves and get out of our way. So from now on when I want to back down from a challenge, I will encourage myself with this little chant; It’s Me Against Me.


XO- Krystal A Phillips


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