We Deserve Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability, and intimacy lately. After sessions and sessions with my therapist, we’ve concluded that I have a deep seated fear of intimacy. I never really thought about it, but looking at my past relationships the signs we clear. Relationships have been coming up a lot in conversation this year, and most of the topics have to do with showing up as your authentic self, being vulnerable, and being intimate. Like me, most people are trying to work on their flaws, own their baggage, and move forward. I know for me this has probably been the hardest thing to work on and to be honest I am still struggling through it.

I remember a time in my life where I felt like I didn’t deserve to be in a relationship because I wasn’t healed. If you scroll through Instagram there is this reoccurring theme of perfection. We have to have the perfect bodies, the perfect clothing, perfect our goals, and heal perfectly. Loving yourself and showing up as your authentic self has no final destination, it’s an everyday task that we have to commit to doing. There will be days that we fall short, and that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve love.

I think the time and space we are in right now is amazing. We all need the time and space to spend with ourselves to grow and heal, but that doesn’t mean we need to deprive ourselves of meaningful connections in the process. I don’t believe the hype of healing as if its course you complete that in six months and get a certificate. Healing is hard and can be a long process. Most of our healing happens in our relationships whether romantic or non. We are hardwired for connection and for us to believe we would have to be perfectly healed to deserve love is false. We need a safe space to heal, granted we have to own our healing no one can heal us, but we also shouldn’t isolate the world in the process. We all deserve love, don’t hide from it.

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