Black Women Are Magic!

By now you guys have seen the Origin Of Romance Campaign and can I just say I am still in awe! I wanted the campaign to be a reflection of the brand, embody the true essence of romancing yourself, and tell the story of self-love. The major theme of the campaign is, “You Are A Work Of Art.” I wanted all women to see just how beautiful they are and that no matter where you are, or what you are going through you are still valuable, still worthy, and still beautiful.

I wanted not only to show this through the imagery in the campaign, but I wanted a team that fully embodied the essence behind the shoot. As black women, we are always told there is a ceiling. We aren’t programmed to support one another, we are taught to compete, to be the best of the best, and to succeed at any cost. Lately, I’ve been seeing a paradigm shift. A shift in the “there can only be one of us” culture. I’ve been seeing women of color come together most harmoniously and it’s amazing.

KAPHILL is not only a luxury clothing line, it is a community, a safe space where women of color can come, share their experiences and support one another. KAPHILL is about community, togetherness, support, and love; loving ourselves, and loving one another. I wanted the first photoshoot to embody our brand philosophy on and off the set. This is why I decided to work with an all-black all-female creative team and can I tell you we created magic!

All of the women I worked with are established in their respective industries and to be honest, were out of my pay range. But all of these women took the time to read my email, read the story behind my brand, and work within my budget to bring my vision to life. The power of vulnerability is unreal! The power of honesty is unreal. I was vulnerable in my approach sending a cold email to women I didn’t know to see if they would work with an unestablished brand, I was honest about my budget and needs and they all saw my vision and WANTED to help execute it.

I just want to say, BLACK WOMEN, ARE MAGIC! We come together, we support one another and we love each other. We share our stories and weave them together creating a blanket of sisterhood that get passed along from generation to generation. I’d like you to meet the dream team of women who helped bring the Origin Of Romance Campaign together and who are the building blocks of the KAPHILL sisterhood!
Photographer- Briana G
Make Up- Natalie Cardona
Hair- Cassandra Normil
Model- Raha Europ
Model Nanga

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