About Us




The Journey:

KAPHILL by Krystal A Phillips is a luxury womenswear apparel line that is designed to make women feel seen, empowered along their personal journey, and provide a safe space for vulnerability. KAPHILL was founded in 2019, by Krystal A Phillips, during a time of immense personal change. Krystal founded KAPHILL at a time of her life when she was tired of settling, tired of  playing small and tired of  not living the life of her dreams. The decision to start KAPHILL was another milestone on her personal journey. After leaving her relationship of 3 years with her daughter’s father, stepping down from her title of Designer and CEO of the brand Marie + Annette, which she founded alongside her sister, Christina Phillips, and being laid off from her corporate job of over 8 years, Krystal decided it was time to change her life; thus KAPHILL was born. 

KAPHILL offers an assortment of statement pieces juxtaposed with updated basics offering  women the confidence to live out loud. We offer an array of dresses with waist defining details, statement jackets, one of a kind tops and perfectly fitting bottoms. Our designs are inspired by the romance of mid century fashion with an updated modern twist. KAPHILL was created keeping the woman of color at the forefront of our design process. We are a brand made by a black woman, for ALL WOMEN. 

 KAPHILL is not just an apparel line, it is a community, and safe space for all women to feel empowered through their journey of self-discovery. The community provides support through shared personal stories, curated pop up experiences and resources that allow women to vulnerably unfold in a safe space throughout their process. Our Motto is all women should stop playing small, TAKE UP Space and stand in your power. 

The Soul:

Krystal Phillips is a Caribbean- American womenswear designer from the Bronx, NY. With a love for all things fashion, Krystal is a 12 year fashion industry vet, working for companies such as Macy’s, Century 21 and the Darien Group. Influenced by her Jamaican roots, the passion for designing statement pieces that allow  you to shine your light has been ingrained in her since birth. Taking note of the fashions  her mother and grandmother wore in her youth inspired  Krystal to explore her creativity. As her passion began to grow,  Krystal co-founded the brand Marie + Annette NYC alongside her sister, Christina Phillips in 2014. As she cultivated her skills working on Maire + Annette, Krystal knew it was time to set out on a solo creative journey, thus KAPHILL by Krystal A Phillips was born. 

When Krystal is not designing and running KAPHILL, she is a full time single mother to her daughter Avery. Krystal is always willing and available to be a listening ear or sounding board for family and friends. A kindred spirit, Krystal infuses her passion for helping others on their path to self-discovery and fashion as the building blocks for the KAPHILL brand.