I Don’t Chase I Attract

The other day while scrolling through Pinterest I came across a post that said, “I don’t chase, I attract.” At first, I didn't really think anything of it, but then it dawned on me that all of the opportunities I’ve been chasing have evaded me. When I say chasing I don't mean literally running behind it, I mean not believing they will come to pass when the time is right. This goes for all aspects of my life. In my corporate career, in entrepreneurship, in friendships, and in romantic relationships. 

There have been times in my life, both past and present when I’ve become so obsessed with a thing that it just slips through my fingers. I look back on all of the jobs I’ve gotten, business opportunities, and connections I’ve made, these were all obtained with minimal effort. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked HARD and paid a lot of dues, but I’ve never had to beg, borrow, gatekeep (cause y’all know people be gatekeeping), or steal to get it. I just had to sit back in the pasture of God’s grace, sow good seeds, and wait for God to do his thang thizzle. There are still times when I try to work my magic and make things happen for myself and each time, I fail. 

It isn’t luck or magic that’s gotten into rooms and given me connections, it’s truly God’s grace over my life that did the work. All I have to do is lead with love, show up as myself, and be a good steward over many things. One thing I’ve been cultivating over the years is aligning myself with the vision I have. For instance, before I met my boyfriend, I remember being in a space where I just didn't want to date or hang out with just anyone. I wanted to be surrounded by people who aligned with my vision, and anything that fell short had to be removed. There were no free meal or lil key key session that was worth my time. Now, that didn't go over well with a lot of people, some just didn't understand why I couldn't just have “fun”, but what they didn't realize was I wasn't in the business of lowering my standards anymore just for fun sake. I’m not gonna lie, I missed them free meals LOL, but I was so much more at peace. That being said, once I decided to cut the dead weight, the pool was very very limited. When I started to align myself with the things I wanted, he just walked right through the door one day. No really he just walked through the door.

When it comes to business opportunities, I am not home just sitting and waiting for opportunities to fall into place. I am working on building the brand. Working on perfecting my craft so that when God decides to bless me with an opportunity I will be ready. I am focusing on making genuine connections with people, learning to discern who is for me and who is just trying to use me. I am also learning how to lead with love and compassion and not allow my trauma to influence my decisions. Now, that right there, is a whole journey in itself. I am leaning into the what's for me, won’t miss me era. And God won't give me anything I can’t handle. I am in therapy removing the subconscious roadblocks that are making me believe I am unworthy of the success I am destined to have. 

I say all of this to say that it has become ever so clear that I no longer need to push against the current to make things happen. I just need to stay in my flow and let things come to me. That saying put your head down and do the work, to me, is one and the same with, I don’t chase, I attract. Once I stay in my flow, and do the work, everything else will fall into place. As my good sis Candace Braithwaite says, don’t spray on the perfume of desperation. So I threw that shit in the trash ok! I hope this serves you all well and let this fall season be a season of attracting not chasing. 


Krystal Phillips


  • Love this! Working really hard on being patient and just doing the work and accepting opps that align with my big goal while not try to force certain things to happen especially since I am super impatient. I hope you are meditating and praying, best of luck :)

  • Wow just wow, your words truly resonate with me. I really needed to read this, thank you for this!

    Rachel G

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