September Newsletter

Hey Yall! September is here, and I'm so excited to welcome you to the latest KAPHILL update! Let's chat about what's been happening lately in the World of KAPHILL. So, back in May, I was on a wild ride, job hunting like crazy. I went through five interviews, received two verbal offers, but never got that official offer. At that point, I decided to pause the job search. It felt like a sign from the universe telling me to focus on my business, and that I was done working for others.

Fast forward to June, besides all the interviews, I was all about networking and forming genuine connections. It's funny how I'd labeled myself an introvert when that's not really the case. But let's get back to the story. I was feeling a bit stuck with the brand, a little disheartened, to be honest. I kept saying I'd create a new collection only if a new opportunity came my way. Looking back, that was a bit crazy, right? But let me tell you about divine timing. That month, my pattern maker and fashion fairy godmother, Just Raymona, suggested I make a new collection, and she'd help me out, even offering to work overtime. So, on the last weekend of June, we headed to LA to source new fabrics. Just before the trip, I got an email from Lindsay Peoples, the editor-in chief of The Cut, inviting me to participate in the Black In Fashion Council Discovery Showroom. (Internal SCREAMS!) I honestly thought it was spam lol! Now the pressure was on because I had to produce a collection in just four WEEKS.

Zooming through to August, it was a month of hustle and bustle. I turned 35 and embraced my self-proclaimed goddess era. I've honestly never felt more confident and settled in who I am and who I'm becoming. Okay, back to the illustrious August. Yours truly got featured in Essence Magazine, not once but twice in the same day! One was a quick shout-out for Sherly Lee Ralph rocking our Rainbow Overcoat on the cover of Backstage magazine, and the other was a FULL ARTICLE featuring yours truly! I couldn't have dreamt of a better first publication for the brand. A huge shout-out to Robyn Mowatt for making it happen!

Now, let's dive into this fantastic September. The energy is off the charts, and KAPHILL has so much in store! First, we've been officially invited to the HFR fashion show, and I couldn't be more excited. I've got to put together the perfect outfit! Then, from September 9th to the 13th, we'll be at the Black In Fashion Council showroom in Spring Studios. It's all happening right now!

After that, it's off to Dallas for the Women Evolve conference on the 14th, returning on the 17th. We'll have just one day to rest before we set up shop at the Coterie from the 19th to the 21st. Can someone please book me a massage and a staycation? I'm beyond thrilled for this month. KAPHILL is making its way into five luxury stores – here are my top choices: Kirna Zabete, Fivestory, Bergdoff Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Elyse Walker. Mark my words, we'll be sold out in all these stores. Set your intentions high, work hard, and watch God work!



Krystal A Phillips


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