Growing Through Changes

Growing Through Changes

 Hi KAPHILL family, if you have been on the site lately you may have noticed we have been making a few updates. We are revisiting our goals and implementing a new strategy that truly aligns with our vision for the brand. With that being said, there will be a shift in our pricing and markdown strategy. We have increased the pricing on all apparel items to align with the market and vision for KAPHILL. This change will be effective immediately, but please note sale merchandise pricing will remain the same.

We had to take a hard look at the business and ourselves. Doing that we realized we were undervaluing our brand and not standing in our belief. We believe KAPHILL is a powerful luxury brand, made by a team of powerful luxurious black women and we want to make sure that our worth is reflected in all areas of our business. This has been a hard decision for us, as we don’t want to alienate our core client. You guys have been so loyal to the brand.  We believe you will also see the value in the brand and product offering and continue this journey with us.

 Change is scary and this is a change we are willing to stand on to preserve the integrity and longevity of the brand. Gone are the days when we doubt our worth and undermine our products. We are working on new and exciting products set to launch in Fall 2023 and truly taking KAPHILL to the next level. We are no longer playing small, we are standing in our power and we are  TAKING UP SPACE.  


Xo- Krystal. A Phillips

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